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A "Full Detail" includes both interior and exterior detailing.

Small cars, mid-size and smaller SUVs, small trucks, and some wagons can take as long as 5 hours.  Larger vehicles such as full-size SUVs, large wagons, mid-size and larger trucks, and Vans can take up to 7 hours.  We take pride in our work and no detail is ever rushed. We are efficient with our time and we do it right the first time.  Time can also vary due to the severity of the detail details.  If choosing to take advantage of our pick up and delivery services, this may vary in detail times as well.

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All Summit Detail services have waiting lounge areas.

If you are not taking advantage of our pick up and delivery services, then we have full access to Lee's Summit Subaru facilities 1 mile south on the same road our detail shop is located on.  We can even assist you with a rental car.  This option is available to you when scheduling your detail.  You can always call 816.251.8690 if you have any questions. car detailing near you

Summit Detail takes all credit cards as payment.

However, at this time as we continue to grow our business, we do not have online or mobile forms of payment.  Only Cash, Debit, or Credit Cards.  Money orders too if you like to roll old school.  It is on our agenda to have online payments available to our web customers soon.  Please stay tuned!

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A Summit Detail Gift Card is the literally the cleanest gift ever.

Who doesn't the feeling of a new car?  Why not share the love with your family and friends by making sure they are feeling their best by looking their best.  Gift Cards are available for all of our services.  Please email or call 816.251.8690 to get ordering details.  OR CLICK BELOWcar detailing gift card

How do I qualify for a discount?

Summit Detail will always have savings and suds to offer!

As we continue to grow our business and balance between aggressive pricing and maintaining skilled staff force while returning a respectable profit, we plan on rewarding considerably to repeat business.  In the meantime, please ask about current special offers for Military, First Responders, local accredited schools, hospitals, and anyone who has made a prior purchase from our parent company, Lee's Summit Subaru.

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Summit Detail uses industry leading materials, methods, and tools for every detail.

As we continue to update our website, please contact Sean Simpson for those details.  816.251.8690


Summit Detail offers pick up and delivery for your car detailing needs.

Summit Detail is located a few miles south of I-70 in Independence near the sports complex.  This gives us great access to different parts of the Kansas City Metro area.  We prefer to remain within a 10-mile radius.  Depending on the time of day and day of the week your detail is scheduled we can make exceptions on a case by case basis.  So please call 816.251.890 or email for more details.

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Summit Detail's rates vary depending size of vehicle.

Depending on the type of service and size of the vehicle, our details can range from $129.95 to $299.95.  There are extreme cases that in which the condition is far beyond the top standards of the most skilled detailers and will require an additional fee to eradicate the most repulsive and foulest of automobile abominations.  Launch our scheduler and get a breakdown on our services and their corresponding rates.

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Summit Detail is not a car wash.

With much respect to our Founding Father, "The Car Wash" - We could be considered as the "Car Wash for busy people", but we are not a car wash.  Washing involves a level of heavy pressured water to remove loose materials, dirt, and grime.  A full car detail removes the imperfections, blemishes, potential oxidation, and other harmful elements that can penetrate the layers of transparent paint that protect your actual paint color of the vehicle.  Detailing your car as frequently as possible will make your car retain resale value, protect its paint, and will simply make you your best.


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